Your Guide to Collecting Vintage Football Shirts

In recent years, the rise in popularity of vintage football shirts has been undeniable, and for several reasons! Not only do classic football shirts allow you to wear part of a club’s history, they’re also an incredibly eco-friendly fashion statement and an alternative to fast-fashion pieces. Not only this, celebrities across the world have influenced the demand for vintage football shirts. From Drake wearing a pink Juventus shirt (which increased demand and value enormously) to Snoop Dogg coming out on stage numerous times wearing all sorts of classic football shirts from Manchester United to QPR & Cardiff City. Despite your interest in classic shirts, you may be yet to start your collection, we’re here to give you your guide to collecting vintage football shirts.


Why Do People Collect Vintage Football Shirts?

Everyone who collects classic football shirts began their collection for different reasons. Some see vintage football shirt collections as an investment, which in some aspects it is. Classic shirts are only getting rarer and harder to come by. With the rarity of older shirts increasing, so does the price of them. Some old football shirts are worth hundreds of pounds. The most expensive football shirt to ever be sold is the Maradona ‘Hand of God’ Shirt which sold for an unbelievable £7.1 million. 

Other people collect football shirts just for the enjoyment it brings to them. A lot of collectors love the nostalgia vintage shirts bring and the historical significance that the item brings. In more recent years, we’ve seen people beginning their vintage football shirt collection because of how popular a fashion statement they’ve become.


How to Begin Your Classic Football Shirt Collection

Starting your classic football shirt collection may seem difficult given how many classic shirts are available however, it’s never actually been easier to begin your collection. Here are some of the best tips on starting your vintage football shirt collection. 

How to Pick a Classic Shirt 

Unless you have a specific shirt you’re looking for, picking a vintage football shirt is probably the most difficult task when it comes to starting your collection. There are so many shirts to choose from, it may become overwhelming. We’d recommend first setting your budget as some shirts can be expensive. 

Once your budget is decided, it’s time to start looking. For many collectors, their first vintage shirt was one that meant something to them. Perhaps it's a classic shirt from the team you’ve grown up supporting, a shirt from the year you were born or maybe a shirt from a country that you’ve travelled to. 

No matter what you pick to start your collection, it will be a shirt that will be with you throughout your vintage football shirt journey. 

Where to Find & Buy Vintage Football Shirts

Finding and buying vintage football shirts gets easier as you get more experienced. For your first few shirts or if you’re looking for a particular shirt, team or country, we would recommend purchasing your shirt from a trusted and reputable supplier. Luckily, here at That Vintage Football Shirt, we supply hundreds of vintage football shirts from around the world - all with a 100% authenticity guarantee!

As you get more experienced in buying shirts and you learn more about prices and what to look for to ensure they’re real, you may begin buying shirts in person. A lot of collectors add to their collections by purchasing shirts from charity and thrift shops as well as events like car boot sales. These are great ways to buy shirts at cheaper prices however, be wary of the fact they may not be authentic. 

If you want tips on checking the authenticity of a classic football shirt, check out our previous blog!


The Future of Vintage Football Shirts

The popularity of vintage football shirts and collecting them doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. The future of collecting classic football shirts is also looking bright. As time goes on, classic shirts pre-2000s will increase in rarity and value, making them even more sought after. We’re also likely to see new vintage shirts emerge as time goes on, in a few year's time shirts from 2010 will be considered classic and vintage. 

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start your vintage football shirt collection and, what better way to start than buying one of our guaranteed authentic classic football shirts