Travel Through the Decades With Vintage Football Shirts

Football is more popular than ever and is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Some say that the ‘good old days’ of the beautiful game are behind us and many want to relive that period. At That Vintage Football Shirt, we have an impressive collection of vintage football shirts for just that reason — to travel through past decades of football and appreciate all it has ever had to offer.

70’s Vintage Football Shirts

The 70’s were a decade of classic football and followed the spirit of the 1966 World Cup win. We currently have a collection of classic football shirts from this decade that showcase the classic long-sleeve, collared style shirt. 

One of our favourites that we have in stock at the moment is a Hamburg 1976/78 Away Shirt.

80’s Vintage Football Shirts

A decade of highs and lows for football including the devastating Hillsborough Disaster that shaped the future of football forever, the 80’s saw a change in the classic football shirt style.

Currently in stock, we have a collection of both local and national team shirts including:

  • Barcelona 1982/89 Home Shirt,
  • Italy 1986/90 Home Shirt,
  • West Germany 1988/91 Home Shirt.

    90’s Vintage Football Shirts

    The 90’s, the decade that Beckham began to lead the game. It’s also the decade where classic football shirts adopted slightly longer sleeves and a more boxy appearance — an instantly recognisable style.

    At That Vintage Football Shirt, we have an impressive collection of 90’s vintage football shirts, again, from both local and national teams such as:

  • Juventus 1995/98 Training Shirt,
  • Brazil 1994 Home Shirt,
  • Manchester United 1998/00 Home Shirt.

    00’s Vintage Football Shirts

    The 00’s saw another new generation of footballers entering the beautiful game. A shirt that is closer to the style that we know and love in today’s game, some of our favourite classic football shirts we have from this decade are:

  • L.A. Galaxy 2008/09 Home Shirt (Beckham #23),
  • Hull City 2005/06 Signed Home Shirt.

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