How to Care for Vintage Football Shirts

For football fans, vintage football shirts are prized possessions. They offer the chance to own a piece of player and football history. Many classic shirt collectors like to display their shirts and really show them off. And, if you’re anything like us, the display is always changing and getting added to. Classic football shirts can be delicate and require specific care to keep them in the best condition — treating and caring for classic shirts is completely different to modern-day football shirts. Here’s how you can keep your vintage football shirt display looking its best. 


Storing Vintage Football Shirts 

Storing your shirts is a crucial part of keeping them looking the best. If you aren’t displaying your shirt, it’s important to fold them carefully and keep them in a cool, dry place — away from direct sunlight. Folding them will make sure the shirt doesn’t crease and keeping them away from sunlight will help the shirt keep its vibrant colours.

If you’re displaying your shirt, there are a couple of ways to consider. One way we’d recommend is getting your shirt professionally framed. This way, your shirt can be put on the wall, away from any potential damage or risks. Another way to display and store your favourite shirts is by simply hanging them on a strong coat hanger off the ground, with this, you can display multiple shirts along a wall — making the perfect backdrop for photos and videos! 


Washing Classic Football Shirts 

Classic football shirts are much more delicate than modern ones and therefore, you should try to avoid using modern cleaning methods such as washing machines. You should also avoid mixing colours as this can cause irreversible damage.

The best way to wash your shirt is by hand in cold water. You should use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener, this can damage the shirt. After gently washing the shirt, you should thoroughly rinse the shirt, with cold water, to remove all of the detergent.  

Your vintage shirt may have inside tags providing recommendations on how to wash & dry your shirt. However, we would advise ignoring these as requirements change as the shirts and materials get older. 


Drying Vintage Football Shirts 

Similar to washing the shirt, you should avoid any modern drying techniques and allow the shirt to air dry. Excessive heat can damage the fabric and the printing on the shirt. A dry shirt should be achieved by either hanging the shirt on a hanger or laying it flat on a towel. 


General Care Tips for Vintage Shirts

Of course, when cleaning your vintage shirts yourself, there is always a risk of causing damage. If you have a particularly special or delicate shirt, you may want to consider having it professionally cleaned — make sure to inform the cleaners that the shirt is vintage and delicate. 

If you plan on wearing your shirt, wear it with care! You should try to avoid getting it dirty and avoid any potential stains. If you do happen to get your shirt dirty, ensure to clean it as soon as possible. 

By following this general guide, you can ensure you have the best-looking classic football shirt collection. If you’re wanting to expand your current classic football shirt collection, we have a huge selection available from every corner of the world — take a look on our website!