How Buying Vintage Football Shirts in Bulk Can Benefit Your Business

Buying clothes in bulk can have endless benefits for your business and, this is no different when buying vintage football shirts. Here at That Vintage Football Shirt, a fan favourite is often our vintage football shirt bundles. With so many bundle variations to choose from, here’s why you should consider buying your next vintage football shirts in bulk and the benefits they can have on you and your business. 

Benefits of Vintage Football Shirt Bundles 

If you’ve never considered buying vintage football shirts in bulk, you’re seriously missing out! Here are some of the benefits of bulk buying shirts and why our customers love it.


It Works Out Cheaper

One of the biggest reasons people, particularly businesses, opt to buy items in bulk is because the cost per item works out significantly cheaper than buying the items individually. If you’re looking to just add more variation to your wardrobe, buying in bulk can be one of the cheapest and most sustainable ways to do it. If you’re a business, buying your vintage football shirts in bulk offers a larger profit margin. 


Wholesale Offers More Variation

Typically if you’re buying your classic football shirts individually, you have an idea of the shirt you’re looking for and you’re limited to variation options. Whether that be the team, league, country or even brand. When you purchase a vintage football shirt bundle, you will receive a completely random collection of shirts from around the world - you may receive a shirt you haven’t previously seen or considered, wholesale buying offers more variation and excitement to your classic football shirt hunting. 


The Sustainable Shopping Option

Buying your vintage football shirt in bundles offers you a much more sustainable way of shopping. Our classic football shirt bundles include shirts from the years 2000 - 2018, with the occasional ‘80s & '90s shirt being included! Buying vintage clothes, in general, is often seen as more sustainable as you’re tackling the ongoing fast-fashion issues, buying vintage clothing in bulk is seen as even more sustainable as instead of buying one classic shirt every week and having them separately packed and delivered, your shirts are all packed into one bundle and sent as one parcel. 


Excitement & Enjoyment 

One of the main reasons people buy and sell vintage football shirts is because of the pure enjoyment and excitement they receive from it - buying your shirts in bulk add to that. Not only are you receiving more shirts than you otherwise might have for a better price, but you don’t know the shirts you’re receiving which add to the excitement and mystery. A win-win situation, right? 


Vintage Football Shirt Bundle Options

Now you know the benefits of buying your vintage football shirts in bulk, you’re probably wondering what your options are when purchasing a bundle. Here at TVFS, we cater for a range of price ranges and styles to ensure everyone can enjoy the thrill of opening a bundle of vintage football shirts. 


Kilo Mix Vintage Football Shirts

The first option is the Vintage Football Shirt Kilo Mix. This bundle is a mix of football shirts/tops bought by the kilo. This bundle includes approximately 5 pieces, working out at roughly £3 per piece - can you go wrong? When ordering this bundle, you should expect to receive a variety of items including shirts, concept shirts, template shirts, training pieces etc. You should also note that this bundle is simply weighed, boxed and dispatched. You will receive a mixture of items, sizes and styles, some shirts may have sponsor/name damage (due to the age) however all items will be a minimum of good and will not have tears, holes or significant damage.


Football Training Bundles 

The next option is the training bundles which include the football training jacket/top bundle (x10) and the football training shirt bundle (x10). These bundles are exactly what they say on the tin, in the training jacket/top mix, you will receive a mixture of adult-sized branded training jackets, tops and coats from brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike from the years 2000-2012. Similarly, the training top bundle includes a range of adult-sized branded training shirts. In both mixes, we cannot guarantee specific requirements such as colours, sizes and brands.


Vintage Football Shirt Bundles 

With our vintage football shirt bundles, you’ll receive a complete mixture of original branded football shirts (Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.). The mix includes a range of adult sizes, styles, years, teams and colours. The main years included within the bundle are 2000-2018 however you may still find some shirts from the ‘80s & ‘90s. The vintage football shirt bundle options include:


  • Kids & Youth Vintage Football Shirt (x10)
  • Vintage Football Shirt Bundle (x10)
  • Vintage Football Shirt Bundle (x25)
  • Vintage Football Shirt Bundle (x50)

  • Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific shirt or just want to buy a single shirt, we have a large stock of classic and modern classic football shirts from around the world on our website.